Fauxwood PVC Shutters

Fauxwood PVC Shutters: Cheaper and More Durable

The classic wood shutters are one of the most sought-after window furnishings among Newcastle and Sydney homeowners, builders, and architects. The natural look of the wood and their stain brings about sophistication to the rooms. However, its synthetic counterpart, the Fauxwood, is now slowly rising in popularity. Fauxwood Shutters are constructed using highly durable materials that make them last longer without being too expensive.

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Why Fauxwood PVC Shutters are Great for Your Home

  • Fauxwood Shutters are more affordable than those that are made from real wood. You will be able to cover a larger area of your home with the budget that you have and yet achieve the same look you have originally visualised.
  • Fauxwood Shutters are more durable than real wood because they are resistant to moisture. Real wood has the tendency to swell, warp, or expand when they are exposed to moisture and humidity. Heat from sunlight also causes the colour of the wood to fade. Fauxwood Shutters tend to last longer because of their synthetic material.
  • Fauxwood Shutters are more environment-friendly. Since they are made from synthetic material, the need for cutting down precious trees is drastically reduced. You can also purchase recycled Fauxwood Shutters for a cheaper price to decrease the amount of refuse being sent to landfills.
  • Fauxwood Shutters are easier to clean as compared to real wood. You can wipe off dirt by just using a damp cloth. Some brands also have anti-static properties that resist the accumulation of dust on the shutters.
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