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Bayview Plantation Shutters: Premium Basswood & Poly Shutters

Family friendly and reinforced Bayview shutters are versatile. They sit elegantly in your lounge room or master bedroom.

The Colour Advantages of Basswood Plantation Shutters

Large range of standard colours and stains available. Alternatively, shutters can be customised to match the paint sample you provide.

basswoord bayview plantation shutters
Bayview Plantation Shutters

Wet Area Protection of Poly Plantation Shutters

Bayview will keep you cool during summer and help retain the heat during the winter making them a perfect solution to reduce your bills. Family friendly and reinforced Bayview shutters are versatile, they sit elegantly in your lounge room or master bedroom but are sturdy enough for harsh weather conditions, pets, children, high usage and wet areas. They also have mortise and tenon joins for stronger wider panels and are hypoallergenic for comfort.

Superior Construction

Our manufacturer performs multiple sequence hand sanding with fine sandpaper, and coat with high quality paint or stain and lacquer. This produces characteristics of hardness, strength, UV-resistance, water resistance and colour retention.

Bayview shutters are made with quality craftsmanship to ensure longevity and minimal user maintenance.

Various Mounting Options

Bayview Plantation Shutters

Sample Installations