Intro Motors

Intro Motors: Convenience at Your Fingertips

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Introduction to Tubular Motors

  • All 240V INTRO motors carry a 5-year replacement warranty!
  • All low voltage 25mm motors carry a standard 2-year replacement warranty with an optional 12-month extension available
  • INTRO motors are not waterproof however, they can be installed externally with appropriate covering
  • Motors are available in three sizes; 25mm, 35mm and 45mm diameters
  • INTRO motors use a thermal cut out switch to prevent overheating after four minutes and are not continuously rated
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Ease of Use

  • INTRO Motorisation takes a streamline approach across the range, allowing remotes to operate all motors
  • Simple and uniform programming
  • All motors have inline connectors for ease of installation and blind cleaning
  • The connector is waterproof and air tight eliminating the need for a cover
  • The inline connector is smaller than 20mm in diameter concealing the lead and inline connector inside the wall cavity
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  • Mechanical and electronic limit setting options
  • Compatible with most popular rollerblind systems
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INTRO motors offer several controlling options:

  • Hand held button remotes
  • Hand held touch panel remotes
  • Wall mounted remotes
  • Wired wall switches
  • Autoline control
  • Home automation