Automate Motors

Home Automation Has Never Been
This Smart and Elegant

Automate™ – a division of Rollease Acmeda combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional design to achieve smarter shades.

The Automate suite includes motors, controllers, sensors and smart home integration to create a variety of internal and external motorised shade solutions for a luxurious and effortless experience.

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Automate Your Awnings, Curtains, and Blinds with These Amazing Products

Automate ARC

ARC™ (Automate Radio Communication) is our proprietary radio communication technology that brings your motorized system together, offering a variety of functions utilizing 433MHz Bi-directional Communication.

AUTOMATE | E tubular AC motors combine the simple, intuitive features of ARC “Automate Radio Communication” with the higher lifting capacity of an AC motor for larger shade applications.

Levelling Control allows for precise positioning of the individual or multiple shades ensuring perfect alignment every time whilst bi-directional communication ensures you can always keep track of your shades’ position when integrated into smart home applications.

automate arc
pulse hub

Automate Pulse Hub 2

The Automate Pulse Hub 2 is the foundation of your Automate smart shade motorisation system.

Alongside the Automate Pulse 2 App, the Pulse 2 Hub enables operation and automation of all ARC (Automate Radio Communication) enabled motors so that you can experience convenient shade control straight from your smart device.

Pulse 2 Hub seamlessly integrates with a variety of smart home platforms and home automation systems so that you can take full advantage of customised automation and voice-activation when operating your Automate smart shades.

Automate Awning Motors

The Automate A range of motors have been designed to suit the Rollease Acmeda range of open and cassette, award-winning awnings.

The powerful motors can easily swap between an open and cassette mode to ensure easy installation and operation. When combined with the Automate range of sensors and controllers, the Automate A motors can offer an intuitive and energy-efficient solution for outdoor spaces.

  • Powers large awnings
  • Cost-effective solution for a new build
  • Connected to power, no need to recharge
automate awning motor
automate external motor

Automate External Motors

The Automate FT15 has been tailored for Rollease Acmeda’s Zipscreen and External Wire Guide systems. When used with Rollease Acmeda’s Ultra-Lock, a simple touch will activate the FT15 motor to automatically close, lock, and tension the blind for increased stability and ease of use.

At the upper end of the scale, the Automate X50 provides all the benefits of having smart shades with the lifting capacity required to control the Zipscreen Extreme and Wire Guide Extreme.

  • Connected to power, no need to recharge
  • Three modes: E for standard use, Manual FT for use with conventional locking devices and Auto FT for use with Rollease Acmeda’s Ultra-Lock, providing automatic fabric tensioning.
  • Features impact detection technology. Senses an object in shades path and reverts to a safe position.
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automate roman

Automate Roman Motors

The Automate CL 0.8 motor can be paired with Rollease Acmeda’s SS38 Motorised System, providing a flexible motorised solution for roman shades.

Offering the choice of battery power or 12V wired connection, the CL 0.8 also integrates with the Automate suite of controllers to achieve the smart shade experience.

  • Connected to power, no need to re-charge
  • Simplified wiring structure means efficient install
  • Utilise optional distribution panel for multiple motor set-up
automate roman motor

Automate Curtain Motors

The Automate C motor for curtains features stand-out “soft touch” technology. A gentle pull on the fabric will initiate movement to automatically open or close the curtain.

This impressive motor has been designed to be quiet for acoustic comfort and offers the luxury of shade automation with the suite of Automate controls.

  • No electrical wiring required
  • Micro USB port for charging with a universal cable
  • Utilize optional solar panel to maintain battery charge