Plaza Retractable Textile Fabric Patio Roof

Weinor’s textile patio roofs offer certain special features. Choosing the desired projection does not depend on the width; the structure is particularly resistant to being uplifted in surging winds and allows rain to run off in a controlled manner when pitched at 14°. The solution for large residential patios or catering applications.


Sturdy and Cosy. Ideal for Wind Exposed Locations.

Major challenges demand very well-engineered solutions. The Weinor Plaza Home textile patio roof is such a solution. As it rests on posts, the structure has properties that make it especially suited to certain applications and condition Our textile patio roof with proven technology for large areas goes by the name Weinor Plaza Home. The sturdy structure with posts is particularly resistant to being uplifted by surging winds. As a result, the Weinor Plaza Home is ideal for units located in wind-exposed places. Added to this, selection of the front rail does not depend on the width. When pitched at 14°, the Weinor Plaza Home can stay open longer in the rain than a folding arm awning.

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