Folding Arms

Folding Arms & Fabric Awnings

NCR Blinds offers different types of Fabric Awnings manufactured by Sunstate. Whether you are looking for fixed fabric awnings or roll-ups, we have just the product for your residential or commercial needs. We also have a wide range of fabric and powder coating colours that can complement any architectural or design requirements. Oftentimes, our clients combine our Fabric Awning options to meet their desired look and function.

Fixed Fabric Awnings

You can do a lot of things with the Fixed Fabric Awning. This type of awning comes with aluminium frames or solid welded steel with a wide array of fabric designs, colours, and styles to choose from. If you wish to get this type of fabric awing, we can do custom graphics for you.

fixed fabric awning

Drop Arm Awnings

For drop arm awning needs, NCR offers the Sunesta, Sunmaxx, and Sunbusta. These three are quite adaptable awnings that can fit a variety of requirements. The Sunesta is for smaller needs, while the Sunmaxx for medium requirements, and the Sunbusta is perfect for larger areas.

Spring Operated Roll-Up Awnings

NCR Blinds offers four (4) products under the spring operated roll-up awnings line. These fabric awnings provide privacy and excellent shade.

Ideally designed for areas that get full sun exposure, these awnings provide great sun protection. If you want a fabric awning that will not interfere with the fret work and existing mouldings, Sunfree is your best bet. It has a roller blind system that is equipped with a hooks design and an easy pull down. If you want a traditional spring operated system with a locking arm and sides, Sunmatic is the one for you.

the unique feature of Suntrak is it has a side channel made from powder coated aluminium that simply pull down and let go. It has no untidy cords, clips, or cleats. The Suntrak is great for eliminating light gaps and it also has a quiet spring operation.

the spring operated roll-up awning designed for decks, patios, and verandas. Slidetrack’s simple design allows one-handed operation and a central locking position. The fabric of this awning is held in side tracks using a side tensioning system that is unique. With the Slidetrack, there are no ropes, straps, pulleys, or zippers.

spring operated roll-up awning

Gear Operated Roll-Up Awnings

Apart from the Spring Operated Roll-Up Awnings, we also have the Gear Operated ones. The Sunscape and Suncable are two fabric roll-up blinds equipped with external gear operated sunscreen systems. The Sunscape has no side guides so it doesn’t interfere with existing mouldings. The Suncable’s stainless steel fitting and wire cable can also be motorised. Another great gear operated roll-up awning is the Sunmaster 40T. The Sunmaster 40T is a great solution for your larger openings.

rollup awning

Folding Arm Awnings

The folding arm awnings are designed to provide protection when needed and can be rolled away when unnecessary. NCR offers folding arm awing systems from semi to full cassette to fit your needs.