“S” Fold Curtains

S-Fold Curtains: Stylish and Unique

Good curtains are essential in enhancing and improving a room’s ambiance. Curtains also provide security and protection to your rooms. Still contemplating on which type of curtains to buy for your home or facility? If you want curtains that are modern yet homey, then consider getting S-Fold Curtains.

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S-Fold Curtains are tubular in shape and are held in place with tracks as opposed to being formally pleated. This style creates beautiful and elegant S-shaped curves. These curtains employ a contemporary folding technique and uses either sheer or block-out material. You can mount S-Fold Curtains on your ceiling to create an illusion of a bigger and wider space.

S-Fold Curtains are a great choice for residential and commercial spaces especially when you want a friendly and soft look. S-Fold Curtains can be easily closed and opened. You do not need to drag or pull them; they move gracefully while maintaining their beautiful form. Here at NCR Blinds, our S-Fold Curtains are available in different wave size options. You can even choose to have a block-out lining at the back and sheer at the front for more privacy.

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Motorised S-Fold Curtains for Your High End Newcastle Home

There are a number of tracking operating options for curtains. You can have them motorised, cord, or hand drawn or curved tracking. If you are into home automation, then we suggest that you go for motorised curtains. Our motorised curtains utilise the high quality Silent Gliss electric curtain track system.

This tracking system has been tried and tested, and can guarantee you comfort, durability, and reliability. We can help with the installation of your motorised curtains too.

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