Pinch Pleat

Pinch Pleat Curtains:Classic Elegance

Decorating your room and choosing the right curtains is easy if you know exactly what you want. With all the styles, colours and designs, it will be a great idea to know what style you want for your space. Aside from this, it will also be helpful to consult with professionals to get unbiased and honest expert advice.

Pinch Pleat
Pinch Pleat
pinch pleat

If you are looking for traditional and classic curtains that will give any room a touch of elegance, then pinch pleat curtains are perfect for you. The regular, sewn pleats give these curtains a tailored and streamlined look that is quite versatile in any interior. The visible pleats can bring class and drama to any room which is why pinch pleats are one of the most sought after curtains.

Pinch pleat curtains have uniform sewn pleats that are evenly spaced, giving them a sophisticated and polished look. They will suit any type of track and pole, and can be hung and installed easily. They hang beautifully and can be opened and closed easily.

High End Motorised Curtains Available at NCR Blinds

With over 100 years of combined experience in curtain making, we have become a trusted household name in Newcastle and Sydney. We’ve seen trends and styles come and go. Right now, one of the biggest trends is motorised curtain.

Our motorised or electric curtain uses the Silent Gliss Electric Curtain Track System, which guarantees efficiency and durability. Our motorised pinch pleat curtains are a good choice if you are looking for comfort, elegance, and convenience. A high end home like yours certainly needs to have this type of luxurious curtain.

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