Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds: Flexibility at Its Finest

There are heaps of blinds available on the market today, and it can be extremely challenging to choose among the vast choices available today. One of the most versatile blinds is known as Vertical Blinds. It is the most popular here at NCR Blinds and it’s not surprising why. Here, we list down some of the reasons why you should opt for Vertical Blinds.

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Available Fabrics

Vertical Blinds are made up of thin, stacked panels that hang from a headrail. What’s interesting about Vertical Blinds is that its stacked panels can be rotated from side to side at a 180-degree angle.

They can also be closed and opened from side to side. With this particular feature, you can have flexible control over the amount of natural light filtering into the room, as well as maximum control over the privacy provided by the blinds.

Vertical Blinds are one of the most in-demand blinds in the market today, as these blinds have a way of making the windows and the room that they are situated in seem larger and have more space.

These blinds are also available in different colours and styles, which makes it easier for homeowners to fit the design to just about any room.

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Vertical Blinds can either be light-filtering or block-out blinds, and there are particular fabrics that can make these blinds mould and fade-resistant. These blinds are one of the easiest to maintain of all types of blinds, and also one of the cheapest but most durable.

With home automation being the trend today, there is every reason to opt for motorised Vertical Blinds. Here at NCR Blinds, we have added motorised blinds to our range of items. Our motorised vertical blinds are operated by high quality Silent Gliss Motors. They work quietly and allow you to remotely control your Vertical Blinds with just a click of a button. As such, if you are looking for a rather high-end option for your Newcastle or Sydney home or office, we recommend going for motorised blinds.