Pure Wood Venetians

Pure Wood Venetian

This classic beauty features a range of modern colours, finishes, and wood grains.

Pastel – Create a minimalistic look! This collection features stylish wooden slats painted with matte chalk finish, and delicate pastel colours.

Shadow – Ideal for strong, modern look. This collection boasts matte finished wood painted with neutral and fashionable tones.

Glossy – If you are looking for luxury, this is it. Black, White, or Ivory high gloss wood transforms the Pure Wood Venetian into a sleek, eye-catching complement to your room.

Urban – This collections’ classic yet modern look brings warmth and ambiance to any home. Thanks to its natural timber patterns!

Pure Wood Venetians -


Slat MaterialBasswood
Slat Size50mm
OperationCord control with coordinated timber toggles.
DimensionsFor widths less than 600mm, the following limitations apply.
240mm – 299mm – Tilt Only (mechanism in centre).
300mm – 449mm – Split Control.

Maximum width is 2600mm except for Glossy which has a maximum width of 2400mm.

Drop 600mm minimum - 2600mm maximum.
Thickness2.8mm painted / 3.0mm glossy
Headbox57mm x 54mm Metal
BracketsGated metal bracket system and open gate supports.
Fascia85mm Flat Fascia
Ladder TapeString is matched to suit colour of slat.
Base RailMatching flat timber base rail 16mm x 51mm.
Chrome AcornsPlease refer to pricing guide for additional charge.
Hold Down ClipsSilver or Brass, please specify. (Bottom rail will be made 20mm smaller to accommodate if hold down clips requested).
Cut OutsSurcharge applies
Ladder Tapes16mm, 25mm or 38mm (please specify colour). Surcharge applies
GlossySurcharge applies