Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds: Match Your Style

Homes and offices have certain themes and motifs that dictate the design of the whole room, and sometimes, it can be quite difficult to find blinds that would fit the overall vibe that the room would want to project. Thankfully, there are certain kinds of blinds that are extremely compatible with any design, be it formal, casual, chic, or minimalistic. One such type of blinds is the Venetian Blind.

Visionwood Venetians offer the same durability at an affordable price.

Visionwood Venetians

This classic beauty is available in light, medium, or dark lacquer finish.

Cedar Venetians

Discover the beauty and simplicity of Pure Wood Venetian blinds.

Pure Wood Venetians

Aluminium Venetians offer excellent control of ventilation and light.

Aluminium Venetians

Venetian Blinds are made up of thin, horizontal slats that are stacked together in order to cover a window or sometimes, glass doors. These blinds are held together by different materials, and they can be made from PVC, aluminium, to even wood and fabrics.

The stacked slats of Venetian Blinds can be rotated at a 180 degree angle, and these can be elevated up or lowered down depending on the mood of the user.

Since Venetian Blinds can be rotated at a 180 angle, its users can have a precise amount of control over myriads of factors, like the amount of natural light that filters into the room, the amount of privacy afforded to the occupants of the property, and the level on insulation it provides to the room.

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The extreme and precise control over these features makes Venetian Blinds among the most flexible and versatile blinds available in the market today. Venetian blinds can be easily cleaned and maintained. You only need to wash or dust the slats with damp or dry cloth and your Venetian Blinds are already good to go. With our Venetian Blinds, you can have myriads of slat styles to choose from. You can have Econo Blinds, Basswood Blinds, Country Oak Blinds, Phoenixwood Blinds, and Premium Phoenixwood Blinds. You also have a range of colour options available, which make the mix-and-matching process of the blinds more enjoyable. These slats come in 50mm, 63mm and 90mm sizes.

If you are looking for a more high-end option, we highly recommend our motorised Venetian Blinds. Quality, elegance, and convenience are what you can expect from our motorised Venetian Blinds which are guaranteed to operate quietly and within a few clicks of a button. Ask us about our motorised Venetian Blinds and other options for your automated home.