Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds: Simplicity is Beauty

Roman Blinds combine the simplicity of blinds with the warmth and versatility of soft furnishing fabrics. They have a classic and timeless look that can be treated in many ways with choice of fabric and style.

Timeless Design

Classic styles are deemed classic for a reason; these are designs that have survived the test of time and have continued to compete with modern designs without fear of being called irrelevant or out-of-date. When it comes to classic and timeless designs in blinds and shades, no kind of blind would ring as loud as Roman Blinds.

NCR Blinds offer a wide selection of  textures, colours and patterns. We also offer three make-up styles:

  • Soft fold and hard fold Roman Blinds
  • Swiss Style
  • Bonded Romans

Made to measure, you are assured that our blinds are made to your exact requirements.

roman blinds 1

Elegant Functionality

Our Roman Blinds feature a high quality system made by Silent Gliss, an industry leader.

silent gliss 1

A new wind up mechanism concealed in an unobtrusive cassette.

silent gliss 2

Easy cleaning. Cords stay in place after cleaning thanks to the cord release pin.

silent gliss 3

Roman Blind system completely hidden inside the cassette.

Cord or Chain Operation

Silent Gliss has developed a unique cord release mechanism that allows detaching and re-fixing of cords within seconds. Furthermore, cords do not need to be separated from the fabric for cleaning as the cord release pins guarantee that they stay in place during the cleaning process.

This new mechanism and the reliable Velcro tape make the maintenance of these roman blind systems even more effortless.

roman blinds 5