Aftercare for Zipscreen® & Ziptrak®

Zipscreen® and Ziptrak® Aftercare

Look after your Zipscreen and Ziptrak blinds by following the straightforward operating and cleaning instructions below:

Zipscreen® and Ziptrak® Blind Care and Maintenance

Little maintenance is necessary. However, from time to time, we recommend you clean PVC with warm soapy water and wipe dry. Occasionally after washing use a quality Plastic and Vinyl Cleaner like “VuPlex”® to clean, polish and remove static on clear and coloured plastic. Never roll up and store PVC blinds while wet, always dry PVC before storing for long periods of time to avoid a milky film appearing on the surface. Fabrics should also be clean periodically to avoid a build up of grime using a mild soapy mix and hose off to dry.

Extrusions: At least four times a year tracks should be washed with soap and water and clear Silicone Spray should be applied to the tracks. ( extreme environments will require more regular maintenance )

Blinds should not be left down during inclement weather, storms or while the home is unoccupied, excessive winds may cause the fabrics to tear or damage the tracks, side channels and walls, damage of this nature is not covered under warranty, blinds fixed into Hebel walling are not as secure as traditional bricks and mortar walls and are more susceptible to movement due to inclement weather.

NCR Pty Ltd warrants, that at the company’s discretion, where a defect in a product is due to misuse, abuse or environmental shall not be covered under a warranty period.

It is a condition of this warranty that the products found to be faulty have not been misused or wilfully damaged and shall not have been worked on or tampered with by any person not authorised by the company to do so. It is also a condition that the care and maintenance advice for the product has been adhered to .

All warranties offered herein are non transferable and only apply where the goods have been paid for in full. Proof of purchase will be required.