Aftercare for Wood Shutters

Wood Shutters Aftercare

Look after your Wood Shutters by following the straightforward operating and cleaning instructions below:

Cleaning Wood Shutters

You will want to clean your traditional wood shutters without using a lot of water or any harsh cleaning materials. The best way to clean your wood shutters is using a dusting cloth or brush, a vacuum, and a small brush that you can wet.

First you should run the vacuum with the brush attachment over the shutter to grab up most of the dust and dirt. Then you should follow up using the dusting cloth or another small dusting brush to get in to the spaces that the vacuum could not and to check for any materials that were not picked up. During that process you may notice some dirt or other marks on the surface that were not able to be picked up with the dry cloth. You should first try to remove the dirt using the small brush without wetting it at all, but if that does not work you can wet it slightly with water or another gentle cleaning material and scrub the dirty area. Be sure to dry off that area quickly and thoroughly to avoid any warping or damage to the surface of the shutters.