Aftercare for Fauxwood

Fauxwood Shutters Aftercare

Look after your Fauxwood Shutters by following the straightforward operating and cleaning instructions below:

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Cleaning Fauxwood Shutters

Fauxwood Shutters or any shutter made from a synthetic material can be cleaned using harsher cleaning materials if needed. The best way is to start off with the same dry methods as used for wood shutters (a vacuum with a brush, a dusting cloth or brush and a smaller brush) and then move on to harsher materials, like cleaning cloths with a prepared cleaning solution on them, as needed.

You should start off by using the vacuum with brush attachment and then use the dusting cloth or small brush to get in the spaces that the vacuum could not, like the spaces where the frame and the shutters meet or the sides of the shutters. Then clean any spots or dirt that did not come off during dusting first using the dry brush and then using with a wetted brush or wet cleaning cloth for any stubborn spots or dirtied areas.