Aftercare for Exterior

Exterior Shutters Aftercare

Look after your Exterior Shutters by following the straightforward operating and cleaning instructions below:

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Cleaning Exterior Shutters

Obviously exterior plantation shutters require a bit of a different tactic since they are harder to reach. But they should still be fairly easy to clean.

First, start by pressure washing or using a hose to get all the loose dirt and material off of the shutter. If you have a powerful pressure washer your job will likely be easier since it will be able to remove most of the dirt on its own.

Second, safely set up a ladder to access the shutters and set yourself up with a brush or cloth and a bucket full of your chosen cleaning material. Dish soap and water will likely work well for most cleaning, but some bleach could help remove stubborn mold or other marks. If you’re using any cleaning materials more harsh than soap and water you may want to test scrubbing in an easily hidden area first to make sure you won’t discolour the shutter.

You simply scrub the shutter clean using the brush or cloth, making sure to stay safe if you’re on a ladder. Once you’re done scrubbing hose off all the shutters to remove any remaining soap. Cleaning your shutters regularly will help keep them looking new and prevent any major problems removing stuck on dirt or debris.